Lake District exploration

When looking for wilderness in the UK, most people will immediately think of one of the 15 National Parks. One of the most visited parks is the beautiful Lake District. We took a trip there recently to explore one of the jewels of the UK outdoors.

 We spent a week exploring the Lake District at the beginning of October, trying to see as much as possible. We had researched the area before leaving, had invested in guidebooks and maps and had identified a vast list of places we wanted to visit. The week was going to be full to the brim with exploration of new areas. The only concern we had was trying to fit everything we wanted to do into the time we had.

We toured the entirety of the Lake District whilst we were there, some places we stayed longer than others, and lots of photos were taken. Below we have shared a small selection of these. A lot of the shots included water, for obvious reasons!

At the end of our journey we had covered a lot of ground and seen a lot of beautiful scenery. The Lake District has a truly breathtaking majesty about it and inspires you to keep exploring as the next vista is always even better than the last. If you take a walk away from the main tourist hubs, such as Windermere, you can find that wilderness we are searching for. You can remove yourself from the constant connectivity of our now daily lives and evoke in you a deeper feeling of tranquility. It’s a feeling I personally only seem to find when I am in a place such as the blustery summit of Grizedale forest, as pictured below.

The only problem was, we ended up being right, we just didn’t have enough time to cover all the places on our list, but that gives us yet another reason to make a return trip to the Lake District sometime soon…

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