Wild Guide – Devon, Cornwall & South West – Book Review

Here at We Go Wild UK we are always looking for adventure. We go in search of it across the UK, venturing the entire length of the country. However, sometimes its nice to stay a little closer to home. We are based in the South West of the UK, so when we saw the Wild Guide: Devon, Cornwall and South West in book stores, we were excited to take a closer look.

Now, we have read a lot of guide books over the years. Some have been great and given us a lot of insight or revealed places we had never explored. Some, on the other hand, have been less useful. These either pointed out only the already well visited places, or the book held an affiliation with one organisation or another and therefore only showed those places on its map. When they claim to show you ‘hidden’ places this can sometimes leave you wanting.

I’m glad to say that the Wild Guide most definitely falls into the former category. Each area is well mapped out, giving markers of where each place can be found. Its visually appealing, featuring a lot of alluring photos, something which whenever you flick through, leaves you longing to explore. It also manages to do well what a lot of other guides fail at. It gives you a bit of everything in its hidden place suggestions. It has sections such as ‘secret coves, rivers and creeks, woods and gardens, natural wonders, lost ruins, sunset hill forts’. It even has suggestions about local food and where to camp and stay. In other words it offers you a veritable cornucopia of local secrets and opens the door to unique hidden gems.

In summary we would wholly recommend investing in this book, it will give you a lot of new ideas of new places to explore or sometimes give you the motivation to get outdoors. Below you can find a preview of the book, so you can see how good it really is…

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