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Here at We Go Wild we are always on the look out for quality products. We are also keen to promote the UK and all it offers those who love the outdoors. When we heard about the work that the staff at True Mountain were doing we were excited about the products they were producing.

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The first time you handle the ‘Ultralite Jacket‘ there are two things that immediately strike you. The first is just how light it really is. This thing feels like a feather in your hand and when you go on a hike or there comes the time to carry it anywhere, you know you aren’t going to notice those hundred grams, which is a massive bonus, as we are always looking to minimise our bulk. The second thing you notice is the sheer quality of the garment. You can look all you like, but you won’t find a loose stitch or thread anywhere. This always bodes well when you take on the elements, you feel like you can really trust it to perform.

We tested the ultralite jacket through a range of conditions. It isn’t billed as a waterproof, but it handles light showers very well, beading the water nicely. The fact that the jacket is so light also aids in this instance as if it does get damp, it dries incredibly quickly, meaning you’re not left with that uncomfortable damp feeling.

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Another important factor is breathability. The Ultrilite Jacket also does well in this area. Even when tested on a particularly warm day, much like our earlier review of the baselayer¬†also from True Mountain, there was no residual moisture left behind and it was really pleasing to be able to perform strenuous outdoor pursuits in complete comfort. This is helped by the two different fabrics within the jacket. The side panels are made from ‘Airflow’ fabric, and this really seems to live up to its name.

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Along with breathability, the jacket also excels in the wind. Its difficult to imagine such a thin and compact jacket being quite as good as it is in this respect. Whilst walking along coastal paths a breeze can turn into a gale and what was once a hazy day can become an uncomfortable one, very quickly. This is really where the Ultralite Jacket comes into its own. It stuffs down into a small ball which could be placed into your daypack or even just a pocket as it really gets that compact. It can then be slipped on just for those blustery moments.

The zip is sturdy and features a silicone zip pull, useful if the hands get chilly or you are wearing gloves. It also features a wind baffle behind which adds a touch of protection to the neck area.

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We now look at the fit and feel of the jacket. As noted in previous reviews, we like to put products through their paces, taking part in more vigorous activities such as rock climbing and scrambling. The Ultralite Jacket performed admirably in these challenging circumstances. True Mountain describe the jacket as having an ‘athletic fit’, which translates well when participating in these sorts of activities. It gives a real ease of movement not found in other similar products. Along with this, there are also elasticated cuffs, this makes it a comfortable fit, but also gives the opportunity to push up the sleeve to also aid cooling or to allow more dexterity with something like scrambling to concentrate on.¬†Through testing in these circumstances, the jacket has been durable, standing up to the rigours of the changing outdoor conditions.

We were very impressed by the Ultralite Jacket. It gives a sheer versatility and usefulness not found in many products. Being able to carry it with you almost anywhere and the fact that it can be used in a variety of conditions mean its a real asset to your kitbag.

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