Unplanned Exploration

We packed our bags. We loaded the car. We drove to our start point. Everything after that was unplanned.

Most of our hikes, scrambles and climbs are planned from start to finish. Most of the time its good to know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. But sometimes, its good to take a step back and let the journey just ‘happen’.

We got out of the car and put on our boots. We had packs with us, but no tents, so we were only set to be gone for a few hours. We walked out toward the horizon and lost ourselves in the outdoors. (Just a side note to say we had a map of the area and basic emergency equipment, just in case).

Walking through the landscape without a set purpose, you find yourself seeing in greater detail. You look deeper into the scenery around you. We wandered through the hills steeped in a thick layer of mist, which eventually turned to rain, over boulders and through wooded valleys. We then reached a woodland glade, just after a rain shower had washed over the landscape. We took a break, set up our stoves for a drink and hooked up our hammocks for a rest on the surrounding trees.

Looking up toward the canopy of pines above, you couldn’t fail to feel relaxed. Any tensions you took into the hike from your daily life, slowly drifted up to the branches and away.

We packed up our things and made our way out of the woodlands and started to head back to the car. Along the way we chatted about the idea that all the best stories we had, adventure based and otherwise, were the product of spur of the moment decisions and living your life with a ‘let’s see what happens’ attitude. Now, Im a realist. I know that you can’t live your entire life that way unless you happen to be a nomad. But sometimes, just sometimes, its nice to know you are not too sure what might happen next.

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