Rock Climbing – Hang out with us today

We took time out of our hectic schedules to go and hang off large pieces of rock today, otherwise known as rock climbing, and we couldn’t have been happier for it.

We set off with a destination in mind. We wanted rocks, big ones, the kind that you wouldn’t want to fall off. That’s apparently exactly what you need for rock climbing. We drove into the middle of the moors, and found a fairly busy car park at the end of our drive. We are always searching for that feeling of wilderness, so this didn’t bode well for the trip. But once we started walking we realised no one else was heading in the same direction as us. Our hopes rose. We ended up in an area completely devoid of other people.

We wandered past an area of ground which had fallen away to reveal an old mineshaft. Barbed wire and signs surrounded it. The temptation had previously been too much for some, we had heard tales of people abseiling in to take a look, but this wasn’t the plan today, we wanted to go up, not down.

We were lucky with the weather, the forecast had said it was due to rain all day, but being the optimists we are (and the fact it wasn’t raining before we left the house), we decided to get outdoors anyway. It held off until we were on the way back in the car so it worked out perfectly. The storm was incoming from when we arrived, so the shots all have a mixed quality of light. Sometimes the shone shone, other times the dark and foreboding clouds loomed in the background.¬†The images of the rock climbing you see in our gallery were just some of the many taken that day and I think we got a good mixture of shots to show our adventure that day.

We will be out exploring the¬†wilderness again soon. Take a look at the Go Wild gallery and let us know what you think, and where you will be exploring soon, especially if you’re heading out rock climbing too!

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