June 10, 2015

Our Vision – Wilderness in the UK

Finding Your Wilderness

We know how you probably feel. We felt that way too. Maybe you live in a city, constantly surrounded by the busy hustle and bustle of the ever moving metropolis. Maybe you live in the countryside, but still you are stifled as you find yourself surrounded by other peoples land or limited access rules on what you can do there. You can feel like there is nowhere in the UK to be free and truly feel alive.


We are here to help you find those places, because they do still exist. They have just become increasingly difficult to find or to keep wild with our irrepressible need for housing and expansion. A place where you can feel at peace, explore, maybe even start an adventure you would never be able to contemplate in your daily life. Within every county of the UK there are hidden gems. Even inside the largest cities, you can lose yourself in the wonder that is nature.

Capturing The Beauty

Now, not only do we want to show you that this wilderness exists and how to find these places, we also want to set about capturing the beauty of these places with breathtaking photography and with innovative and creative video. Our aim is to make you feel like you’re already here with us, even if you’re not quite there yet. We will be updating our blog regularly to keep you up to date with our adventures.


Give Us Your Feedback

We also want to hear from you too, especially if you go and visit these places for yourself! By sharing these things with us it really shows us that we have made an impact and helped someone else to ‘Go Wild’ in the UK and find the wilderness beyond the tarmac and pavement.

We believe that the world is a beautiful place, and we want to show you all the reasons why.


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